Buck Country Outfitters

Brandon Schreiber/Dean Kuypers
(Winter Address)
PO Box 235
Goodsoil SK S0M 1A0

PHONE (Winter): 780-870-6510 / 306-283-7783

Website: www.buckcountrycanada.com
Email: brandon_schreiber@hotmail.com

REGION: West Central


While most people show up for the world-class hunting, we know that the whole experience matters. That’s why we ensure that first-class meals and accommodations make our clients’ time beyond the field an absolute pleasure. Our new lodge meets and exceeds any hunters expectations. In fact, the great hospitality at Buck Country Outfitters is a huge part of why our newfound friends keep coming back.

Whitetail deer hunting at Buck Country Outfitters is world-class by all definitions. We shoot Boone and Crocket, as well as Pope and Young animals every year at BCO. Typical deer can be found between 140″-150″, but we’ve killed deer up to 200″. One of the largest deer ever killed came from our area. The “Dennis Adams” buck green scored 225″ and weighed in the neighborhood of 350-400 pounds.

Northern Saskatchewan is known for its big bruins: average bears run 350 pounds, and we kill bears over 7 feet tall that weigh in around 500 pounds. These bears are a product of healthy genetics and the landscape where they thrive. BCO is known for putting customers in positions to kill these world-class animals. Every year, our clients at Buck Country Outfitters shoot trophy-book bears.


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