Duriez Ranching

Brian Duriez
(Winter Address)
Box 7, Site 1
Frenchman Butte SK S0M 0W0

PHONE (Winter): 306-344-2343
FAX (Winter): 306-344-2343

Email: duriezranching@gmail.com

REGION: West Central


Our camp consists of deeded leased and rented land that we are in direct control of the access points. The remote area is easily accessed from our ranch location which is beside and among the hunt area. Our ranch facilities have a 1500sq ft bungalow where the house is used as a base of operations for the hunting season. Our guides will have identified the best areas to supply successful hunts. They will take or accompany you to your stands in our hunting area. They will assist to make your hunt as successful as possible.

We have shops and freezer space to process an store your animal after taking it. Friendly people enjoying a good hunt is what we are all about!



  • Guides


  • Whitetail Deer
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