Swift River Outfitters

Shane Erdmann
(Winter Address)
16681 40th St SE
W. Fargo North Dakota 58078 USA

PHONE (Winter): 701-361-8325

Website: http://www.swiftriveroutfitters.com
Email: shane@swiftriveroutfitters.com

REGION: East Central


Year after year Saskatchewan lives up to its famed nick-name "The Land of the Living Skies."  Saskatchewan whose name is derived from the Saskatchewan River meaning "swift flowing river" consist of vast acres of rolling grain fields and potholes in the South to dense desolate bush country in the North! Where these vast rolling grain field and desolate bush country meet is where Swift River Outfitters calls home. The area that we hunt is home to some of the first grain fields that millions of Ducks, Canada Geese, White-Fronted Geese, Snow Geese and Sandhill Crane stage at as they make their yearly migration south. With access to a vast area and very liberal limits hunters have the opportunity to endure what we believe to be the best waterfowl hunting in North America. Saskatchewan being located in a flyway with millions of Snow geese, Canada geese, white fronted geese, Sandhill Crane and numerous species of ducks our hunters have an unique opportunity to harvest multiple species of waterfowl on their hunt with us. Starting in Early September and running through late October day in and day out we strive to provide a world class waterfowl hunting opportunity for each and every one of you.


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